Sports Day 2019

We had a great sports day this year and Miss Summerbell organised the whole day with military precision. The events track held all of the races for KS2, which meant that all the families could see all of the races, which was much better. We were blessed with beautiful weather and lots of the children demonstrated compassion and integrity towards each other during the day. It was such a special day and the children, parents and staff had a great day.

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Father’s Day Lunch

Today saw our first ever Father’s Day lunch at St George’s.

The children joined their dad’s and lined up for their fish & chips. It was a great lunchtime, lovely atmosphere and very positive feedback.

As you can see from the pictures, the children had a great time. Thank you to all the fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles for joining us today.

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Our Forest is coming soon!

Thank you to all the pupils who designed a tree. There have been some amazing designs and techniques as well as a variety of different materials used to make collages or 3D models.

A large selection will go on one of our new displays boards outside the library to create a forest. Have a look at some of the beautiful artwork submitted by children from Nursery up to Year  6. Well done!

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The Library…

Our library is now a very popular part of the school now. It is used every single day and now we have the library software ‘Junior Librarian’ installed, the children are allowed to take books home and share them with their families.

The picture you can see is a typical lunchtime scene….#relaxed #enjoyingbooks #sharingstories #lovebooks


Mother’s Day Lunch

Today saw the first ever Mother’s Day lunch taking place at school. We had an excellent response and the children were really excited to be sharing their lunch with their mum’s and Nan’s.

The whole event was really special and we are so pleased that lots of families could join us for today. We will also be hosting a Father’s Day lunch in June, so watch out for information about that.

The photos capture the event perfectly – Happy Mother’s Day to all of our school mum’s, have a lovely weekend.

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Red Nose Day!!!

Well done St George the Martyr!

We raised a total of £1,400.00 for

Comic Relief.


All of the hard work and dedication for Red Nose Day has paid off!! Well done to all the children who went out and collected sponsorship money. We have raised more money than we could have hoped for. We have sent our donations to Comic Relief, which will go towards helping all of the charities they fund.

Red Nose Day started off with the children in breakfast club making special pancakes. Then, throughout the day each class went outside to take part in the whole school marathon.

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 Children in Reception wrote about Red Nose Day and why they enjoyed it!

Thank you again for all of your support.

Miss Summerbell