Early Years Art Exhibition

Wine, cheese, crisps and some amazing pieces of art! St George’s Early Years team hosted an art exhibition at school. It was really well attended and gave the parents a chance to mingle and get to know each other. We offered a creche šŸ˜Š

Thank you to all the parents and families who joined us, it was such a lovely evening with a great atmosphere.

Thank you Miss Summerbell and the EYFS team for organising the evening.

Well done to the children for producing such fantastic canvases and bags!

EYFS Art Show

Nursery and Reception children worked very hard to create some beautiful artwork on canvases and bags. They used lots of different techniques such as using hand prints, finger painting, stamps, blocking off shapes using tape, flicking, dripping and more!

We then invited parents to an art show to look at their wonderful creations. A huge thank you to the parents who came along and made it a lovely evening.

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#Equal Rights #Excellentpointwellmade

Writing for a purpose is always something we advocate here at St George’s and a piece of writing from a child in Year 5 perfectly captures this sentiment.

Amirah has written a very interesting piece on gender equality and how a simple, everyday piece of equipment, which we all use, has prompted such a thought provoking piece of writing.

Next stop #government #letsmakeachange

Well done Amirah, an excellent, thought provoking piece of writing.

yr 5

Healthy Eating

We are trying very hard this year to encourage the children, and adults, across the school to eat as healthily as possible.

We are having a cookery week next week and each class will be involved in preparing a healthy snack or meal. We are also monitoring the packed lunches which come into school, so that we will then have enough evidence to apply for the Gold Standard Healthy Eating Award.

We saw the example below of an excellent healthy packed lunch and thought we would share it.

Thank you also for not sending in cakes and sweets for birthdays – this has had such an impact in terms of the conversationsĀ  we can have with the children about what constitutes a healthy ‘celebratory’ snack and what that may look like, if it isn’t cake!

Wish us luck for our application for the Gold Standard…