Julius Caesar Performance

Just have a look at the shots from our performance on 16th June 2017!

I could not have been prouder of the children in Year 5. Hand on my heart; we were the greatest actors on the day. The passion, energy and commitment shown by everyone was utterly brilliant. Well done to every single one of you!

Thank you to the families who watched and supported us on this special day!

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Singing at St Paul’s Cathedral

On Thursday, the school choir visited St Paul’s Cathedral to provide the lunchtime concert in the OBE Chapel.

Over the last month or so, the choir has been learning a selection of songs and receiving some tuition from one of the choir teachers at St Paul’s. During Thursday morning this week, the choir rehearsed with our choir tutor, Tom Daggett, in the main part of the Cathedral in front of hundreds of visitors! It was very exciting to stand and sing in the actual choir stalls that have been in St Paul’s for 300 years, since they were installed by Sir Christopher Wren. The acoustics caused the children’s voices to echo round the building for all to hear.

The choir also had a tour of the Cathedral and were taken to a beautiful spiral staircase that the general public do not get to see. It ascended high up into one of the bell towers. That was very special in itself, but the children were also delighted to hear that they were standing where part of the Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban, was filmed!

Following the tour, the choir had a final rehearsal before making their way to the OBE Chapel to perform to the public and families that had attended. There was a large audience and the children embraced the experience to sing beautifully to all the visitors who came along to listen. The children remembered the advice and instructions they had been given and entertained the audience with their lovely singing.

We were very proud of the choir and we would also like to express our thanks to the families and friends who were able to travel to St Paul’s to listen to their children perform. It was truly an inspirational day!

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School Food Matters- 10th Birthday Celebration!

Members of the School Council from Year 1 to Year 5 were invited to the 10th birthday celebration of the charity ‘School Food Matters’ (www.schoolfoodmatters.org) which took place on Thursday 15th June. The charity promotes the use of fresh, sustainable food in schools and encourages food education. The charity’s birthday picnic took place at the College Gardens in the grounds of Westminster Abbey.

The school council created a picnic which was taken on Thursday to eat during the birthday celebration. All the picnics were judged by the celebrity chef, Tom Aikens,  and although our picnic didn’t win, we were commended for our creative presentation!

The grounds of the College Garden at Westminster Abbey were transformed into a celebration of fresh food. All the schools that were invited set out their own picnics and took part in many activities during the afternoon. Firstly, we made a hanging basket of strawberries and tomatoes with the Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins. The hanging basket was carefully transferred back to school and is now proudly hanging in the Key Stage 2 playground. We also made some pitta bread pizzas using tomatoes, herbs, cheese, peppers and olives. Everyone was very creative and some of the photos of the pizzas are on the slide show. Another interesting activity was finding out about plants that are grown to provide leaves for salads. Each member of the school council planted up their own salad plants which they took home to nurture and (hopefully) grow to provide some tasty salads.

The school council represented their classes very well at the celebration and were great ambassadors of our school. Well done!

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On the streets of Mexico!

Year 5 produced a cracking Spanish show, showcasing their incredible talents in dialogue, dancing and singing. They learned so much about the Ancient people of Mexico and loved putting together their performance for the children, staff and families. Thank you to Rachael and Camilo…Muy bien!

International Food Fair 2017

On Friday 17th March we had our annual International Food Fair, which proved to be another fantastic event. We had over 120 families join us to sample food from all over the world. Thank you very much to all of the families who kindly donated some food and helped us to serve it to the hungry masses!

What an excellent event and a great way to round off the week. #nodinnerneeded

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Camden Primary Choir Festival

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Camden Primary Choir Festival

On Monday 13th March, the school choir took part in the Camden Primary Choir Festival at the Camden Centre. The choir has been learning a range of songs over the last few months and on Monday they joined several other schools from across Camden for an afternoon of rehearsals on stage at the Camden Centre. Following a much deserved packed tea, the massed choir performed in the concert for families and friends.

The choir has worked hard to learn all the songs that were performed on Monday. Particular highlights from the event included a fast song which sets to music the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called ‘From a railway carriage’ and an a capella piece called ‘E malama’ in which our choir had to sing the low harmony of a four-part ensemble during the concert. The concert finished with ‘Put a little love in your heart’ which was great fun to sing and the actions provided an additional visual spectacular for the audience.

The choir represented the school very well and the support of families and friends at the concert made the event extra special for the children.