Can you work out your space height?


Your Mission

Problem: How can I find my space height?

How tall are you? Are you sure you know the answer? Does your height change in your life, and how much time does it take for your height to change?

So, how tall are you? That seems like a fairly easy question to answer. However, did you know our height changes throughout the day? In fact, our height changes from morning to night. It really has very little to do with the sun and moon, though. Instead, our height becomes less – yes, we shrink – as the day goes on because gravity compresses our bodies. When we lie down at night, gravity no longer pulls in a direction to make us shorter so our bodies stretch and we return to our taller height again. Imagine what happens to astronauts who don’t experience the effect of gravity for months at a time! That’s right; they grow taller. In fact, NASA Astronaut and MissionX ambassador Kate Rubins grew from her “Earth height” of 171 cm to her “space height” of 174.4 cm.

Maybe I should go to space to gain a little height? Add on the difference of Kate’s height to your own height and write your space height as a comment below…

Alternatively, use this link to the Mission X website and use their conversion chart…

Miss Lister 🙂 


Cross Country!

We had a blast on Friday, with 40 of us travelling across London to to Parliament Fields in Hampstead for the annual Cross Country Competition. Each and every child showed amazing determination running around the (slightly muddy) track with big smiles on their faces.

Some of our runners won medals! Special mentions go to: Tiger-Lily and Leo (year 3) and Vera (year 6) for coming in the top 20 in their races!  Huge well done to you and to  everybody who took part. We were lucky to avoid getting drenched for most of the day – although we were caught in a heavy shower on our way back from school. But this didn’t dampen our high spirits!

The races were separated into year groups and boys and girls, so it was a long day, but despite this, we continued to cheer for each other right until the awards ceremony at the very end!

We placed 18th out of 26 schools and had lots of fun.
Here’s a picture of our year 6 girls when they had finished the race, celebrating at the finish line with the mayor of Camden!

Thank you very much to Mr Rettew, Miss Begum and Mr Henao for accompanying us for the day. IMG_8253
Miss Aitman

Gardening Club

image.jpegOver the last few weeks, members of the gardening club have been very busy pulling out old plants from the summer and preparing the beds for the autumn and winter. The tomato plants, which were very successful, have now gone, as have the tall sunflowers that stood guard over the hockey pitch!

At the front of the school, we’ve planted a number of cyclamen in red and white, to match the school colours and in the beds and planters all over the school grounds are hundreds of bulbs. At the moment, they’re hiding under the soil,  waiting for the warmer weather of next spring. When it arrives, expect to see speciality daffodils, tulips in red and white, bluebells, fritillaria and hyacinths. We just have to be patient! Luckily, the geraniums are still doing well as you can see by our photo!



National Poetry Day in Year 1!

We had a mystery box arrive in Year 1 this week with instructions not to open it until we were told. It had a label attached that read ‘I like poems’. We decided that we would write some poems based on the poem ‘I found a Dinosaur’. There were fabulous predictions made 🙂 

We read the box our poems and this did the trick! We were able to open the box and inside was….

Image result for beegu

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Olivia also spent time at home writing an amazing poem for our Poetry Day celebrations. We all enjoyed it very much and are so proud of her! Have a read of it below…



The Postal Museum

Nursery, Reception & Year 1 had the unique opportunity to ‘trial’ a new workshop which the Post Museum have organised.

The children were the first ever visitors and as you can see from the photos, they had a great time and a professional photographer took the pictures, which are absolutely  fantastic.

Our thanks to the Postal Museum for allowing us to test run the workshops – they will be great.

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Summer Fair 2017

Our annual summer fair took place on Friday 6th July and it was fantastic. We were blessed with beautiful weather and a wonderful range of activities and games for the children to play.

Thank you to the parents who helped us out during the fair and for supplying us with such lovely cakes to sell!

We all had a brilliant time. See you next year!

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